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About WUTR TV ABC 20

WSYR TV is a television station located in Syracuse, New York. It is an ABC-affiliated station and broadcasts on digital channel 17 and virtual channel 9.


WSYR TV provides comprehensive news coverage, delivering local, regional, and national news stories to its viewers. The station covers a wide range of topics, including breaking news, politics, community events, weather, and sports. WSYR TV has a team of journalists and anchors who report on important issues and events happening in the Syracuse area and surrounding communities.

Weather coverage is a significant part of WSYR TV’s programming. The station has a team of meteorologists who provide weather forecasts, severe weather alerts, and radar imagery to keep viewers informed about current and upcoming weather conditions. They also provide storm tracking and safety information during severe weather events.

In addition to news and weather, WSYR TV covers local sports, including high school athletics, college sports, and regional sporting events. The station broadcasts games, provides sports highlights, and features interviews with athletes and coaches.

WSYR TV engages with its audience through its website and social media platforms, where viewers can access news articles, videos, and live streaming of newscasts. The station also encourages viewer participation and interaction through social media channels.

WUTR TV ABC 20 Live Streaming

Its programming comes from Fox Network targeting Utica audience.

List of WUTR TV ABC 20 Reporters and Anchors

  1. Thomas Fleming
  2. Colleen Hurley
  3. Erik Johnson
  4. David Edelstein
  5. Jenn Seelig
  6. Shalon Stevens
  7. Jazzmyn Allen
  8. Alex Limon
  9. Anna Wiernicki
  10. Brie Jackson

WUTR TV ABC 20 Contacts

Website: https://www.cnyhomepage.com/

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