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About WTSP Tv CBS 10

WTSP TV, also known as 10 Tampa Bay, is a television station serving the Tampa Bay, Florida, market. It is the local CBS affiliate for the area.


WTSP TV operates on digital channel 10 and virtual channel 10.1. The station is owned by TEGNA Inc., a media company that operates numerous television stations across the United States.

As a CBS affiliate, WTSP TV airs CBS programming, including popular national shows such as “CBS This Morning,” “CBS Evening News,” and prime-time series like “NCIS,” “The Big Bang Theory,” and “Survivor.” The station also provides local news, weather updates, and sports coverage specific to the Tampa Bay area.

WTSP TV has a team of journalists and reporters who produce local news content for the community. They cover a wide range of topics, including breaking news, politics, local events, and human interest stories. The station may also feature special segments and investigative reporting.

In addition to their broadcast offerings, WTSP TV has a website (www.wtsp.com) where viewers can find additional news stories, weather updates, and other information. They also provide live streaming services and on-demand content through their website and other platforms, allowing viewers to access their news coverage online.

WTSP Tv CBS 10 Live Streaming

Its programming comes from CBS Corporation targeting Tampa – St. Petersburg audience

List of WTSP Tv CBS 10 Reporters and Anchors

  1. Bobby Deskins
  2. Bobby Lewis
  3. Caitlin Lockerbie
  4. Candice Aviles
  5. Carolina Leid
  6. Courtney Robinson
  7. Eric Glasser
  8. Emerald Morrow
  9. Grace Remington
  10. Grant Gilmore
  11. Jabari Thomas
  12. Java Ingram
  13. Jenna Bourne
  14. Jenny Dean
  15. Jennifer Titus
  16. Josh Sidorowicz
  17. Justin Granit
  18. Katie McCall
  19. Kelly Frank
  20. Kendall Kirkham
  21. Liz Burch
  22. Liz Crawford
  23. Madison Alworth
  24. Lia Fernandez
  25. Natalie Ferrari
  26. Ric Kearbey
  27. Rob Finnerty
  28. Ryan Bass
  29. Sarah Rosario
  30. Stephen Adams
  31. Tamika Cody
  32. Thuy Lan Nguyen


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