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About WSMV Tv NBC 4

WSMV-TV, also known as News 4 Nashville, is a television station serving the Nashville, Tennessee, area. It is an NBC-affiliated station owned by the Meredith Corporation. WSMV-TV operates on digital channel 10 and virtual channel 4.


WSMV-TV provides a wide range of programming, including local news, weather, sports, and entertainment content. The station is known for its comprehensive news coverage, investigative reporting, and community-focused stories. It delivers up-to-date news, weather forecasts, and sports highlights to the Nashville community and surrounding areas.

WSMV-TV’s studios and offices are located on Knob Road in Nashville, and its transmitter is situated in Whites Creek, Tennessee. The station offers a variety of NBC network programming, including popular shows, sports events, and syndicated content.

WSMV-TV is committed to serving its viewers and keeping them informed about local news, events, and important issues. It has a team of dedicated journalists and reporters who work to provide accurate and timely news coverage to the Nashville community.

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Its programming comes from NBC Network targeting Nashville audience

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