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About WOAI Tv NBC 4

WOAI-TV, also known as News 4 San Antonio, is a television station located in San Antonio, Texas. It is an NBC affiliate and serves as the primary source for news, weather, and sports in the San Antonio market. WOAI-TV broadcasts on digital channel 48 and virtual channel 4.


WOAI-TV provides comprehensive news coverage to its viewers, delivering local, regional, and national news stories. The station covers a wide range of topics, including breaking news, politics, crime, health, education, and community events. WOAI-TV has a team of experienced journalists and anchors who report on important issues and deliver in-depth investigative reports.

Weather coverage is also a significant part of WOAI-TV’s programming. The station has a team of meteorologists who provide accurate and timely weather forecasts, keeping viewers informed about current conditions and upcoming weather patterns. WOAI-TV offers weather updates, radar imagery, and severe weather alerts to help viewers stay prepared and safe.

In addition to news and weather, WOAI-TV covers local sports, including high school sports, college athletics, and professional teams. The station broadcasts games, provides sports highlights, and features interviews with athletes and coaches.

WOAI-TV engages with its audience through its website, social media platforms, and mobile apps. Viewers can access news articles, videos, and live streaming of newscasts online, as well as interact with the station through social media channels.

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Its programming comes from NBC Network targeting San Antonio audience

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