WILM-LD Tv News, Schedule and Weather Updates

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WILM-LD TV is a low-power television station serving the Wilmington, Delaware, market. It is an independent station that does not have a network affiliation.


About WILM-LD Tv CBS 10

WILM-LD TV operates on digital channel 32 and virtual channel 10. The station is owned by the Draper Holdings Business Trust.

As an independent station, WILM-LD TV offers a variety of programming, including syndicated shows, movies, and local content. The station may also provide news updates and other local information specific to the Wilmington area.

While WILM-LD TV may not have a dedicated website or streaming services, viewers in the Wilmington area can typically access the station’s programming through over-the-air broadcasts using an antenna or through cable or satellite providers that carry the station.

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