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About WFXP Tv FOX 66

WFXP-TV, also known as FOX 66, is a television station located in Erie, Pennsylvania. It is an affiliate of the Fox Broadcasting Company and is owned by Mission Broadcasting. The station broadcasts on channel 66 and serves the Erie market in northwestern Pennsylvania and southwestern New York.

WFXP-TV has been providing programming to the community since it first went on air. The station offers a variety of content, including local news, weather, sports, and entertainment programming. It aims to deliver comprehensive news coverage and engage with the local community.

In addition to news programming, WFXP-TV airs popular Fox network shows, syndicated programs, and local sports coverage. The station operates a website and various social media platforms, allowing viewers to access news updates, live streams, and engage with the station and its journalists.

WFXP Tv FOX 66 Live Streaming

Its programming comes from Fox Network targeting Erie audience.

List of WFXP Tv FOX 66 Reporters and Anchors

  1. Sean Lafferty
  2. Jill Mccormick
  3. Dave Belmondo
  4. Brian Wilk
  5. Tom Atkins
  6. Tom Divecchio
  7. Craig Flint
  8. Starr Bodi
  9. Odessa Meredith
  10. Emma Rose Lewis
  11. Samiar Nefzi
  12. Chelsey Withers
  13. Jay Puskar
  14. Mike Fenner
  15. Tom Decker
  16. Lou Baxter
  17. Alex Limon
  18. Anna Wiernicki
  19. Racquel Martin
  20. Kellie Meyer
  21. Trevor Shirley
  22. Jessi Turnure
  23. Matt Heckel

WFXP Tv FOX 66 Contacts


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