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About WFOX Tv FOX 30

WFOX-TV, also known as FOX 30, is a television station located in Jacksonville, Florida. It is an affiliate of the Fox Broadcasting Company and is owned by the Cox Media Group. The station broadcasts on channel 30 and serves the Jacksonville market.


WFOX-TV provides a range of programming, including local news, weather, sports, and entertainment content. The station aims to deliver comprehensive news coverage and engage with the local community.

In addition to news programming, WFOX-TV airs popular Fox network shows, syndicated programs, and local sports coverage. The station operates a website and various social media platforms, allowing viewers to access news updates, live streams, and interact with the station and its journalists.

WFOX Tv FOX 30 Live Streaming

Its programming comes from Fox Network targeting the Jacksonville – Brunswick audience.

List of WFOX Tv FOX 30 Reporters and Anchors

  1. Mike Buresh
  2. Garrett Bedenbaugh
  3. Corey Simma
  4. Phil Amato
  5. John Bachman
  6. Ben Becker
  7. Letisha Bereola
  8. Courtney Cole
  9. Tenikka Hughes
  10. Dawn Lopez
  11. Bridgette Matter
  12. Derrick Odom
  13. Lorena Inclan
  14. Dani Bozzini
  15. Russell Colburn
  16. Brittney Donovan
  17. Paige Kelton
  18. Amber Krycka
  19. Meghan Moriarty
  20. Ryan Nelson
  21. Elizabeth Pace
  22. Jamarlo Phillips
  23. Beth Rousseau
  24. Alicia Tarancon
  25. Christy Turner
  26. Brent Martineau
  27. Dan Hicken
  28. Stuart Webber
  29. Jacqueline Fell
  30. Blair Miller
  31. Samantha Manning

WFOX Tv FOX 30 Contacts

Phone: (904) 564-1599