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WDTV TV is a television station serving the Clarksburg/Weston, West Virginia, market. It is the local CBS affiliate for the area.

About WDTV News

About WDTV 5 News

WDTV, a television station, is under the ownership of Gray Television, and it operates alongside WVFX (channel 10), which is a dual Fox/CW+ affiliate licensed in Clarksburg.

Both stations have their studios situated on Television Drive in Bridgeport, conveniently located along I-79/Jennings Randolph Expressway. WDTV 5 transmitter is positioned in an unincorporated area between Clarksburg and Arlington.

WDTV began broadcasting on September 1, 1953. The station was originally owned by the Weston Broadcasting Company. In 1967, the station was sold to Storer Broadcasting. Storer merged with Westinghouse Broadcasting in 1990. In 1995, Westinghouse merged with CBS Corporation.

WDTV 5 has been owned by Gray Television since 2019. WDTV 5 News programming lineup consists of CBS network programming, as well as local news and weather. The station also produces a number of local programs, including “The 5 News at 10” and “The 5 News at 11.

WDTV 5 News is available on cable and satellite in the North-Central West Virginia area. The station can also be streamed live online through its website.