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About WDRB Tv FOX 41

WDRB-TV, also known as WDRB News, is a television station located in Louisville, Kentucky. It is an independent station and is owned by Block Communications. The station broadcasts on channel 41 and serves the Louisville metropolitan area.

WDRB-TV has been providing programming to the community since it first went on air in 1971. The station offers a variety of content, including local news, weather, sports, and entertainment programming. It is known for its extensive news coverage, investigative reporting, and commitment to serving the community.

In addition to news programming, WDRB-TV airs syndicated programs, sports coverage, and various entertainment shows. The station operates a website and various social media platforms, allowing viewers to access news updates, live streams, and engage with the station and its journalists.

WDRB Tv FOX 41 Live Streaming

Its programming comes from Fox Network targeting Louisville audience

List of WDRB Tv FOX 41 Reporters and Anchors

  1. Lindsay Allen
  2. Jessica Bard
  3. Valerie Chinn
  4. Candyce Clifft
  5. Gilbert Corsey
  6. Gina Glaros
  7. Fallon Glick
  8. Scott Reynolds
  9. Darby Beane
  10. Dalton Godbey
  11. Marcus Green
  12. Katrina Helmer
  13. Stephan Johnson
  14. Keith Kaiser
  15. Chad Mills
  16. Chris Otts
  17. Travis Ragsdale
  18. Lexie Ratterman
  19. Jason Riley
  20. Sterling Riggs
  21. Joel Schipper
  22. Hayden
  23. Ristevski
  24. David Scott
  25. Kristen Shanahan
  26. Sara Sidery
  27. Lawrence Smith
  28. Kate Springer
  29. Chris Sutter
  30. Elizabeth Woolsey
  31. Kevin Wheatley

WDRB Tv FOX 41 Contacts

Phone: 502-585-0811

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