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WCAX TV is a television station serving the Burlington-Plattsburgh market, which encompasses Vermont and northern New York. It is the local CBS affiliate for the area.


About WCAX Tv CBS 3

Under the ownership of Gray Television, it operates from its well-established studios on Battery Street in Burlington, with a transmitter located in Colchester.

Since its inception on September 26, 1954, WCAX-TV has played a significant role in the media landscape of Vermont. Originally owned by the Champlain Valley Television Corporation, the station’s first news anchor was the esteemed Bill Stewart. During its early years, WCAX-TV operated from studios situated on North Avenue in Burlington.

In 1970, WCAX-TV relocated to its current state-of-the-art studios on Battery Street, coinciding with the introduction of color broadcasting. Today, WCAX-TV stands as one of the most-watched television stations in Vermont, offering a diverse range of programming that encompasses news, weather, and sports shows.

Its news department has earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence and is highly regarded throughout the state. WCAX-TV’s newscasts consistently secure top ratings in Vermont, reflecting the trust and loyalty of its viewers.

WCAX-TV holds a prominent position in Vermont’s sports landscape, showcasing games from all four major professional sports teams in the state, namely the Vermont Catamounts, the Burlington Royals, the Vermont Lake Monsters, and the Vermont Mountaineers. The station also broadcasts college football and basketball games from local schools, as well as nationally recognized sporting events like the Super Bowl and the World Series.

Expanding beyond traditional broadcasting, WCAX-TV offers a range of digital channels to cater to diverse viewer interests. These include WCAX+, WCAX News Now, and WCAX Sports. Additionally, WCAX.com serves as the station’s online platform, providing comprehensive news, weather, and sports updates not only for Vermont but also for neighboring New Hampshire.

WCAX-TV’s enduring presence, commitment to quality programming, and comprehensive coverage have solidified its standing as a trusted and influential media source in the Burlington–Plattsburgh region. With its rich history, strong community ties, and dedication to delivering timely and reliable information, WCAX-TV continues to serve as a vital conduit of news and entertainment for its loyal audience.

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Its programming comes from CBS Corporation targeting Burlington-Plattsburgh audience

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