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About WAGA Tv FOX 5

WAGA-TV, also known as FOX 5 Atlanta, is a television station serving the Atlanta, Georgia market in the United States. It is an affiliate of the Fox Broadcasting Company. WAGA-TV is owned by Fox Corporation.


The station operates on digital channel 27 and virtual channel 5. It broadcasts a variety of programming, including local news, weather, sports, and entertainment content. WAGA-TV’s studios are located on Briarcliff Road in Atlanta, and its transmitter is situated in the city’s northeastern suburbs.

FOX 5 Atlanta (WAGA-TV) delivers comprehensive local news coverage to the Atlanta community, featuring news stories, weather updates, and sports highlights. The station also airs popular network programming from Fox, including primetime shows, sports events, and syndicated content.

WAGA Tv FOX 5 Live Streaming

Its programming comes from Fox Network targeting Atlanta audience.

List of WAGA Tv FOX 5 Reporters and Anchors

  1. Katie Beasley
  2. Ryan Beesley
  3. Portia Bruner
  4. Courtney Bryant
  5. Cody Chaffins
  6. David Chandley
  7. Kerry Charles
  8. Morse Diggs
  9. Denise Dillon
  10. Deidra Dukes
  11. Alyse Eady
  12. Doug Evans
  13. Justin Felder
  14. Joanne Feldman
  15. Dana Fowle
  16. Natalie Fultz
  17. Beth Galvin
  18. Ron Gant
  19. Lori Geary
  20. Tom Haynes
  21. Jeff Hill
  22. Emilie Ikeda
  23. Tharon Johnson
  24. Phil Kent
  25. Janelle King
  26. Buck Lanford
  27. Sharon Lawson
  28. Alexa Liacko
  29. Paul Milliken
  30. Marissa Mitchell
  31. Kaitlyn Pratt
  32. Kelly Price
  33. Aungelique Proctor
  34. Ken Rodriguez
  35. Dale Russell
  36. Alexis Scott
  37. Claire Simms
  38. Russ Spencer
  39. Marc Teichner
  40. Randy Travis
  41. Alex Whittler
  42. Janice Yu

WAGA Tv FOX 5 Contacts