SonLife Broadcasting Network (SBN)

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SonLife Broadcasting Network (SBN) is a Christian television network that is owned and operated by Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. SBN features programming focused on the message of the gospel and includes a variety of programmings such as music, preaching, teaching, and talk shows.

SonLife Broadcasting Network SBN

The network is available on various platforms including cable and satellite television, as well as streaming online. SBN’s programming is primarily in English, but it also features some programs in Spanish.

SBN Radio

SonLife Broadcasting Network (SBN) also operates a radio network that broadcasts Christian programming across the United States. The network is called SonLife Radio and features a mix of music, preaching, teaching, and talk shows.

The programming on SonLife Radio is similar to that of SBN’s television network, with a focus on sharing the message of the gospel. SonLife Radio is available on various platforms including FM and AM radio stations, satellite radio, and streaming online.

It provides listeners with another avenue to access SBN’s programming and stay connected with the network.

SonLife Broadcasting Network Youtube

SonLife Broadcasting Network (SBN) has an official YouTube channel where viewers can watch some of their programming. The channel features a mix of content including full episodes of various shows, clips of sermons, music performances, and special events.

The channel also includes a live stream of SBN’s television broadcast, so viewers can watch the network’s programming in real-time. SBN’s YouTube channel is a great way for viewers to access their content online and stay up-to-date with their programming.