NHL Network

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The NHL Network is a television network dedicated to coverage of the National Hockey League (NHL) and ice hockey-related content.

NHL Network

NHL Network is an American sports-oriented cable and satellite television network that is a joint venture between the National Hockey League and NBCUniversal. It was launched on October 1, 2007.

The network’s programming consists of live games, studio shows, news, and analysis. It also broadcasts original programming, such as “NHL Tonight” and “Inside the Glass.”

NHL Network is available on most cable and satellite providers in the United States. It can also be streamed live online through the NHL Network website and app.

It provides comprehensive programming, including live game broadcasts, pre and post-game analysis, highlight shows, special events, original programming, and historical content related to the NHL and its players.

The network is a popular destination for hockey fans to stay up-to-date with the latest news, scores, and analysis from the world of professional ice hockey. It offers in-depth coverage of all NHL teams, players, and major events, including the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the NHL All-Star Game.

The NHL Network also features expert analysts, former players, and broadcasters who provide insights and commentary on games, player performances, and the overall state of the league. The network has grown in popularity since its launch and has become a valuable resource for hockey enthusiasts, providing them with extensive coverage and access to their favorite sport throughout the year.