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About KTMJ-CA Tv FOX 43

KTMJ-CA, also known as FOX 43, is a low-power television station serving the Topeka, Kansas market in the United States. It is an affiliate of the Fox Broadcasting Company. KTMJ-CA is owned by Nexstar Media Group.


The station operates on digital channel 43 and virtual channel 43. It broadcasts a variety of programming, including local news, weather, sports, and entertainment content. KTMJ-CA’s studios are located on Northwest 25th Street in Topeka, and its transmitter is situated near Maple Hill, Kansas.

FOX 43 (KTMJ-CA) provides local news coverage to the Topeka community, featuring news stories, weather updates, and sports highlights. The station also airs popular network programming from Fox, including primetime shows, sports events, and syndicated content.

KTMJ-CA Tv FOX 43 Live Streaming

Its programming comes from Fox Network targeting the Topeka audience.

List of KTMJ-CA Tv FOX 43 Reporters and Anchors

  1. Brooke Lennington
  2. Jace Mills
  3. Brittany Moore
  4. Molly Patt
  5. Erin LaRow
  6. Hannah Brandt
  7. James Ryan
  8. Dan Garrett
  9. Reina Garcia
  10. McKenzi Davis
  11. Kelly Saberi
  12. Alec Gartner
  13. Kelli Peltier
  14. Tiffany Littler
  15. Glenn Bartlett
  16. Brianna Johnson
  17. Dave Domingo
  18. Veshaun Reynolds
  19. Mark Feuerborn
  20. Courtney Gehrke
  21. Keith Horinek
  22. Jesse Fray
  23. Bob Thibault
  24. Matt Miller
  25. David George
  26. Gabriella Gomez
  27. Lola
  28. Pete Francis
  29. Sully Engels
  30. Dr. Bob Beatty
  31. Korinne Griffith
  32. Anna Wiernicki
  33. Brie Jackson
  34. Morgan Wright
  35. Jessi Turnure
  36. Raquel Martin
  37. Alexandra Limon

KTMJ-CA Tv FOX 43 Contacts