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About KRBK Tv FOX 49

KRBK-TV, also known as FOX 5, is a television station serving the Springfield, Missouri market in the United States. It is an affiliate of the Fox Broadcasting Company. KRBK-TV is owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group.


The station operates on digital channel 22 and virtual channel 5. It broadcasts a variety of programming, including local news, weather, sports, and entertainment content. KRBK-TV’s studios are located on East Division Street in Springfield, and its transmitter is situated in Fordland, Missouri.

FOX 5 (KRBK-TV) provides local news coverage to the Springfield community, featuring news stories, weather updates, and sports highlights. The station also airs popular network programming from Fox, including primetime shows, sports events, and syndicated content.

KRBK Tv FOX 49 Live Streaming

Its programming comes from Fox Network targeting Springfield, MO audience,

List of KRBK Tv FOX 49 Reporters and Anchors

  1. David Oliver
  2. Heather Lewis
  3. Lauren Barnas
  4. Joe Murano
  5. Jenifer Abreu
  6. John Adams
  7. Nyzah McDonald
  8. David Chasanov
  9. Frances Lin
  10. Madison Hever
  11. Jesse Inman
  12. Melanie Chapman
  13. Chris Six
  14. Jamie Warriner
  15. Elisa Raffa
  16. Beth Finello
  17. Dan Lucy
  18. Matt Vereen
  19. Dan Lindblad
  20. Tom Trtan

KRBK Tv FOX 49 Contacts