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About KOKI Tv FOX 23

KOKI TV, also known as “FOX23,” is a television station based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. It operates as the local Fox network affiliate serving the Tulsa television market. The station broadcasts on channel 23.


KOKI TV is owned by Cox Media Group and offers a variety of programming, including Fox network shows, sports coverage, and local news content. The station provides comprehensive news coverage and serves as a trusted source of information for the Tulsa community.

KOKI TV operates from its studios located on East 41st Street in Tulsa. The station is known for its local news team and their dedication to reporting on stories that matter to the viewers.

KOKI Tv FOX 23 Live Streaming

Its programming comes from Fox Network targeting Tulsa audience

List of KOKI Tv FOX 23 Reporters and Anchors

  1. Clay Loney
  2. Shae Rozzi
  3. Ron Terrell
  4. Michelle Linn
  5. Tiffany Alaniz
  6. Lynn Casey
  7. Naomi Keitt
  8. James Aydelott
  9. Michael Seger
  10. Laura Mock
  11. Megan McClellan
  12. Justin Ayer
  13. Alyson Caffrey
  14. Janna Clark
  15. Brooklyn DeGumbia
  16. Jackie DelPilar
  17. Cailey Dougherty
  18. Mariah Ellis
  19. Amanda Gilbert
  20. Amanda Hari
  21. Amber Hughes
  22. Preston Jones
  23. Rick Maranon
  24. Sara Whaley
  25. Nathan Thompson
  26. Luke Slabaugh
  27. Michael Barber
  28. Brent Snider

KOKI Tv FOX 23 Contacts