KODE TV News, Schedule and Weather Updates

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KODE TV is a television station located in Joplin, Missouri, United States. It is an ABC-affiliated station owned by Mission Broadcasting.



KODE TV’s studios are based on East 32nd Street in Joplin. The station’s transmitter is located in Cherokee County, Kansas.

KODE-TV’s signal is relayed by KODE-LD (channel 25) in Olympia, KODE-LD2 (channel 22) in Montesano, and KODE-LD3 (channel 25) in Hoquiam.

KODE-TV signed on the air on September 10, 1954, as a CBS affiliate. The station was originally owned by the Aberdeen Broadcasting Company, which also owned radio station KLOG (1400 AM, now KXRO). In 1983, KLOG and KODE-TV were sold to LIN Broadcasting. In 1995, LIN merged with Raycom Media. In 2018, Raycom was acquired by Gray Television.

KODE-TV’s news department is based in Aberdeen. The station produces a nightly newscast at 6 and 11 p.m. KODE-TV also produces a number of local news and public affairs programs, including “KODE News Now” and “Inside Washington.”

KODE TV provides local news, weather updates, sports coverage, and other programming to viewers in the Joplin area and surrounding communities. The station’s news team strives to deliver relevant and timely news stories that are important to the local community.

In addition to news, KODE TV offers a variety of programming, including syndicated shows, movies, and sports. The station aims to provide a diverse range of content to cater to the interests and preferences of its viewers.

Viewers in the Joplin area can access KODE TV through local cable and satellite providers. The station may also offer live streaming options on its official website and mobile apps, allowing viewers to watch their favorite programs on different devices.

For the most up-to-date information about KODE TV’s programming schedule, news stories, and streaming availability, it is recommended to visit the station’s official website or contact local cable and satellite providers in the Joplin area.