KOCT TV News, Schedule and Weather Updates

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KOCT TV is a television station located in Oceanside, California, United States. It is a community access channel owned and operated by the City of Oceanside.



The station’s studios are located on North Harbor Drive in Oceanside, and its transmitter is located on Mount Soledad.

KOCT TV was founded in 1974 as Oceanside Community Television. The station was originally operated by the Oceanside City Council, but it was transferred to a non-profit corporation in 1984. KOCT TV’s mission is to provide a forum for public expression and to educate and inform the community.

The station’s programming includes a variety of shows, including news, public affairs, documentaries, and cultural programs. KOCT TV also produces a number of original programs, including “The Oceanside Public Affairs Show” and “The Oceanside Arts Show.”

KOCT TV focuses on providing programming that highlights local events, issues, and community information specific to Oceanside and the surrounding areas. The station offers a variety of content, including local government meetings, public affairs shows, documentaries, cultural programs, and coverage of community events.

As a community access channel, KOCT TV provides an opportunity for residents, organizations, and local producers to create and air their own programming, contributing to a diverse and vibrant media landscape in the Oceanside community.

The station can be accessed by Oceanside residents through local cable providers, and it may also offer streaming options on its official website or through other online platforms to reach a wider audience.

For more specific information about programming schedules, shows, and how to access KOCT TV, it is recommended to visit the station’s official website or contact the City of Oceanside for further assistance.

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