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KMBC-TV is a television station located in Kansas City, Missouri, United States. It is an ABC-affiliated station and serves as the flagship station of the Hearst Television subsidiary of Hearst Communications.


About KMBC 9 TV

The station broadcasts on channel 9 and has its studios situated on Winchester Avenue in Kansas City, near the city’s Country Club Plaza district.

KMBC-TV began broadcasting on August 2, 1953. It was originally owned by the Kansas City Broadcasting Company, and it was affiliated with CBS. In 1955, KMBC-TV switched to ABC.

KMBC-TV is one of the most watched television stations in Kansas City. The station’s news department is known for its award-winning coverage of local news and events. KMBC-TV also produces a number of locally-produced shows, including the morning news program “KMBC 9 News This Morning” and the evening news program “KMBC 9 News at 10.”

The station operates several digital subchannels in addition to its main ABC programming. These subchannels offer a variety of content, including MeTV, a classic television network, as well as Estrella TV, which features Spanish-language programming.

KMBC-TV has a strong focus on delivering local news to its viewers. It airs newscasts throughout the day, including morning, midday, evening, and late-night editions. The station’s news team covers a wide range of local, national, and international news stories, and they provide in-depth reporting on issues affecting the Kansas City area.

In addition to news, KMBC-TV broadcasts a variety of popular ABC network programs, including primetime shows, daytime dramas, sports events, and special events such as award shows. The station also features syndicated programming, providing a diverse lineup of shows to cater to different viewer interests.

As a respected and established television station, KMBC-TV plays an important role in the Kansas City media landscape, keeping the community informed and entertained with its high-quality programming and news coverage.

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