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About KGWC Tv CBS 14

KGWC-TV, operating on channel 14, is a CBS-affiliated television station located in Casper, Wyoming, United States. It is owned by Big Horn Television LLC and operates under a shared services agreement (SSA) with Coastal Television Broadcasting Company LLC, the owner of Fox affiliate KFNB (channel 20).


KGWC-TV shares studios with KFNB on Skyview Drive in Casper, while its transmitter is situated atop Casper Mountain. Additionally, KGWC-TV has two satellite stations, KGWL-TV (channel 5) in Lander and KGWR-TV (channel 13) in Rock Springs, which rebroadcast its programming as part of the Salt Lake City market.

The station’s history traces back to its inception as KCWY-TV in August 1980, marking Casper’s return to having competing television stations after a hiatus since 1959. Despite facing challenges against the dominant KTWO-TV, KCWY-TV persisted.

In 1982, the Lander and Rock Springs stations were launched. Eventually, the Chrysostom Corporation sold the stations to Stauffer Communications in 1986. The stations underwent a call letter change to KGWC-TV and began relying on KGWN-TV in Cheyenne for most of their news content. Benedek Broadcasting took ownership in the late 1990s, allowing for the resumption of full local newscasts in Casper. However, due to staff turnover, Benedek discontinued the local operation once again in 2000.

Following Benedek’s bankruptcy, KGWC-TV was acquired by a hedge fund, which subsequently separated it from the Cheyenne station. Mark Nalbone, the general manager of KFNB, took ownership of KGWC-TV and utilized the resources of KTWO-TV, which he also managed, to operate channel 14.

In 2018, Nalbone attempted to sell the station’s assets and CBS affiliation to Gray Television but was denied by federal authorities. Ultimately, in 2020, the Nalbone-owned and managed stations were sold to their current owners.