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About KFSM Tv CBS 5

KFSM-TV, also known as 5NEWS, is a television station licensed to Fort Smith, Arkansas, serving the Arkansas River Valley and Northwest Arkansas regions. It operates as the CBS network affiliate for the market. KFSM-TV is committed to delivering comprehensive news coverage, weather updates, sports, and a variety of popular CBS programming to its viewers.


As 5NEWS, the station provides timely and reliable news reporting, keeping the community informed about local events, breaking news, and important stories that impact the region. With a team of dedicated journalists, KFSM-TV covers a wide range of topics, including local politics, education, business, and community events, providing viewers with the information they need to stay informed.

KFSM-TV actively engages with the community through various initiatives and community service projects, striving to make a positive impact and foster strong connections within the areas it serves. The station maintains studios in Fort Smith and operates a transmitter located near Winslow, Arkansas, ensuring widespread broadcasting across its coverage area.

As a trusted source of news and information, KFSM-TV is dedicated to serving the community and being a reliable resource for its viewers. Through its commitment to journalistic integrity and community involvement, KFSM-TV plays an important role in keeping the Arkansas River Valley and Northwest Arkansas regions informed and connected.

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