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About KEQI-LP Tv FOX 6

KEQI-LD, operating on channel 22, is a low-power television station located in Dededo, Guam. It serves as an affiliate of the Fox network, providing programming to the U.S. territory. The station is owned by Sorensen Media Group, which considers it their sole television property.


KEQI-LD shares studios with its affiliated station, located at 111 Chalan Santo Papa in Hagåtña (Agana). The transmitter for KEQI-LD is positioned in the heights of Barigåda (Barrigada).

The station’s signal reaches viewers over the air in Hagåtña (Agana), Tamuneng (Tamuning), and Dededo. Additionally, its programming is accessible island-wide on the second digital subchannel of KTGM. Cable viewers can tune in to KEQI-LD on MCV Broadband and GTA’s GUdTV systems on channel 6 in Guam, and on MCV Broadband channel 10 in the Northern Mariana Islands.

KEQI-LP Tv FOX 6 Live Streaming

Its programming comes from Fox Network targeting Guam audience

List of KEQI-LP Tv FOX 6 Reporters and Anchors

  1. Madeline Anderson
  2. Stephanie Barichello
  3. Jason Calvi
  4. Kasey Chronis
  5. Brandon Cruz
  6. Carl Deffenbaugh
  7. Amy DuPont
  8. Angelica Duria
  9. Stephanie Grady
  10. Ben Handelman
  11. Rob Haswell
  12. Amanda St. Hilaire
  13. Hannah Jewell
  14. Nicole Koglin
  15. Sam Kraemer
  16. Brian Kramp
  17. Bret Lemoine
  18. Eric Manges
  19. Aaron Maybin
  20. Bill Miston
  21. Kim Murphy
  22. Ted Perry
  23. Evan Peterson
  24. Bryan Polcyn
  25. Jenna Sachs
  26. Gino Salomone
  27. Angelica Sanchez
  28. Ashley Sears
  29. Kaitlin Sharkey
  30. Mary Stoker Smith
  31. Suzanne Spencer
  32. Tim Van Vooren
  33. Tom Wachs
  34. A.J. Waterman
  35. Derica Williams
  36. Cassidy Williams
  37. Christina Van Zelst

KEQI-LP Tv FOX 6 Contacts


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