KDLH Tv (Northern News Now)

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KDLH-TV, also known as KDLH 3, is a television station located in Duluth, Minnesota. It is an affiliate of the CBS network and serves as the primary source of news and entertainment for viewers in the Twin Ports area, which includes Duluth, Superior, and the surrounding communities.


About KDLH Tv CBS 3

KDLH-TV has a long history, with its first broadcast dating back to 1954. It has become a trusted source of local news and programming in the region. The station offers a variety of content, including local news, weather updates, sports coverage, and popular CBS network shows.

KDLH-TV’s news team provides comprehensive coverage of local and regional news stories, including breaking news, investigative reports, and community events. The station also offers weather forecasts, severe weather coverage, and traffic updates to keep viewers informed about current conditions.

In addition to its television broadcasts, KDLH-TV has a digital presence with a website and mobile app. These platforms provide articles, videos, and additional content, allowing viewers to access news updates and live streams on various devices.

KDLH-TV is committed to serving the community and has received recognition for its journalism and reporting. The station plays a vital role in keeping the Twin Ports area residents informed and engaged with the latest news, weather, and entertainment.

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