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KDKA-TV, also known as KDKA Channel 2, is a television station based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is one of the oldest television stations in the United States, with its first broadcast dating back to 1949.


About KDKA Tv CBS 2

KDKA-TV is an affiliate of the CBS network and serves as the primary source of news and entertainment for viewers in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area.

KDKA-TV has a rich history and has been a leading news organization in the region. The station offers a wide range of programming, including local news, weather updates, sports coverage, and popular CBS network shows.

The news team at KDKA-TV provides comprehensive coverage of local and regional news, including breaking news stories, investigative reports, and community events. The station also provides weather forecasts, severe weather coverage, and traffic updates to keep viewers informed and prepared.

KDKA-TV has embraced digital platforms and has a strong online presence. Its website and mobile app offer articles, videos, and additional content, allowing viewers to access news updates and live streams on various devices.

As a trusted source of news, KDKA-TV has received numerous awards for its journalism and reporting. The station is deeply rooted in the Pittsburgh community and plays an important role in keeping residents informed about local and national news, as well as providing entertainment programming.

List of KDKA Tv CBS 2 Reporters and Anchors

  1. Ken Rice
  2. Kristine Sorensen
  3. Kym Gable
  4. Royce Jones
  5. Meghan Schiller
  6. David Highfield
  7. Lindsay Ward
  8. John Shumway
  9. Erica Mokay
  10. Erika Stanish
  11. Jessica Guay
  12. Falicia Woody
  13. Mary Ours
  14. Ray Petelin
  15. Ron Smiley
  16. Kristin Emery
  17. Jennifer Borrasso
  18. Shelley Bortz
  19. Jon Delano
  20. Chris DeRose
  21. Jessica Guay
  22. Ross Guidotti
  23. Chris Hoffman
  24. Royce Jones
  25. Erica Mokay
  26. Meghan Schiller
  27. Andy Sheehan
  28. Erika Stanish
  29. Lynne Hayes-Freeland
  30. Dave Crawley
  31. David Highfield
  32. Heather Abraham
  33. Mikey Hood
  34. Celina Pompeani
  35. Daisy Jade
  36. Ron Smiley
  37. Heather Abraham
  38. Josh Taylor
  39. Bob Pompeani
  40. Rich Walsh


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