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KCPQ TV, also known as Q13 FOX, is a television station serving the Seattle, Washington market. It is the local FOX affiliate for the area.


KCPQ TV operates on digital channel 13 and virtual channel 13. The station is owned by the Nexstar Media Group, one of the largest television station operators in the United States.

As a FOX affiliate, KCPQ TV airs programming from the FOX network, including popular national shows such as “The Simpsons,” “Empire,” “Family Guy,” and “MasterChef.” The station also provides local news, weather updates, and sports coverage specific to the Seattle area.

KCPQ TV has a team of journalists and reporters who produce local news content for the community. They cover a wide range of topics, including local events, politics, and community issues. The station may also feature special segments and investigative reporting.

In addition to their broadcast offerings, KCPQ TV likely has a website where viewers can find additional news stories, weather updates, and other information. They may also provide live streaming services and on-demand content through their website and other platforms, allowing viewers to access their news coverage online.

KCPQ Tv Q13 Live Streaming

Its programming comes from Fox Network targeting Seattle-Tacoma audience

List of KCPQ Tv Q13 Reporters and Anchors

  1. Bill Wixey
  2. Liz Dueweke
  3. M.J. McDermott
  4. Adam Gehrke
  5. Brandi Kruse
  6. Travis Mayfield
  7. Ellen Tailor
  8. David Rose
  9. Alyana Gomez
  10. Walter Kelley
  11. Aaron Levine
  12. Michelle Ludtka
  13. AJ Janavel
  14. Simone Del Rosario
  15. Ali Bradley
  16. Omar Lewis
  17. Franque Thompson
  18. Grace Lim
  19. Brian Flores
  20. Jamie Tompkins
  21. Matt Lorch
  22. Hana Kim
  23. Tim Joyce
  24. John Hopperstad
  25. Steve Kiggins
  26. Jennifer Lee
  27. C.R. Douglas
  28. Alexandra Limon

KCPQ Tv Q13 Contacts

Phone:  206-674-1313

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