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About KCOY Tv CBS 12

KCOY-TV, also known as KCOY 12 Central Coast News, is a television station serving the Central Coast region of California. It is located in Santa Maria and is an affiliate of CBS. KCOY-TV is owned and operated by Sinclair Broadcast Group.


As a CBS affiliate, KCOY-TV provides viewers in the Central Coast area with access to a wide range of CBS programming, including popular shows, news, sports, and special events. The station carries the national CBS lineup, allowing local viewers to enjoy their favorite CBS programs.

KCOY-TV has a dedicated news team that covers local news and events happening in the Central Coast region. The station provides daily newscasts, delivering the latest headlines, weather updates, and in-depth reporting on local stories that matter to the community. They aim to keep the viewers informed and connected to the news and issues affecting their area.

In addition to news coverage, KCOY-TV offers other local programming and content relevant to the Central Coast community. This may include community features, sports coverage, and special reports that highlight the unique aspects of the region.

KCOY-TV’s broadcasts can be received over-the-air with an antenna or through cable and satellite providers. The station also provides online content through its website and various digital platforms, offering viewers the opportunity to access news stories, video clips, and other information related to the station’s programming.

With its affiliation with CBS and its commitment to local news coverage, KCOY-TV plays a vital role in serving the Central Coast community by delivering quality programming, relevant news coverage, and engaging content to its viewers.

List of KCOY Tv CBS 12 Reporters and Anchors

  1. C.J. Ward
  2. Beth Farnsworth
  3. Scott Hennessee
  4. Tracy Lehr
  5. Alys Martinez
  6. Joey Vergilis
  7. John Palminteri
  8. Dave Alley
  9. Keith Carls
  10. Patricia Martellotti
  11. Karen Cruz-Orduña
  12. Tony Almanza
  13. Mina Wahab
  14. Christina Rodriguez
  15. Mike Klan
  16. Anikka Abbott
  17. Christa Kurkjian
  18. Shawn Quien
  19. Karen Cruz-Orduña
  20. Lily Dallow
  21. Lindsay Zuchelli
  22. Evan Vega
  23. Andrew Gillies
Meet the Team

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