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About KCBS Tv CBS 2

KCBS-TV, also known as CBS 2, is a television station based in Los Angeles, California. It is the flagship station of the CBS Television Network on the West Coast and serves the Greater Los Angeles area. KCBS-TV is owned by ViacomCBS and operates as part of the CBS Television Stations division.


As a CBS affiliate, KCBS-TV broadcasts a wide range of CBS programming, including news, sports, entertainment, and primetime shows. The station is known for its local news coverage and has received numerous awards for its journalism, including Emmy Awards and Edward R. Murrow Awards.

KCBS-TV is headquartered in Studio City, Los Angeles, and operates from a state-of-the-art broadcast facility. The station provides comprehensive news coverage, weather updates, and community-focused content to viewers in the Los Angeles market.

List of KCBS Tv CBS 2 Reporters and Anchors

  1. Kalyna Astrinos
  2. Juan Fernandez
  3. Marci Gonzalez
  4. Pat Harvey
  5. Chris Holmstrom
  6. Amy Johnson
  7. Rudabeh Shahbazi
  8. Suzie Suh
  9. Jeff Vaughn
  10. Jamie Yuccas
  11. Nicole Comstock
  12. Kandiss Crone
  13. Kara Finnstrom
  14. Michele Gile
  15. David Goldstein
  16. Rachel Kim
  17. Kristine Lazar
  18. Lesley Marin
  19. Suzanne Marques
  20. Rina Nakano
  21. Jeff Nguyen
  22. Ross Palombo
  23. Tina Patel
  24. Desmond Shaw
  25. Sheba Turk
  26. Jasmine Viel
  27. Tom Wait
  28. Jim Hill
  29. Jaime Maggio
  30. Chris Hayre
  31. Alex Biston
  32. Markina Brown
  33. Paul Deanno
  34. Amber Lee
  35. Olga Ospina
  36. Evelyn Taft
  37. Erica Olsen


KCBS Tv CBS 2 Contacts


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