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About KBTX Tv CBS 3

KBTX-TV is a television station located in Bryan, Texas, serving the Brazos Valley region. It is the CBS affiliate for the area and is owned by Gray Television. KBTX-TV broadcasts on channel 3.


The station provides a wide range of programming, including local news, weather updates, sports coverage, and CBS network programming. KBTX-TV is committed to delivering timely and accurate news to the residents of the Brazos Valley.

KBTX-TV’s news team covers local stories, events, and issues that are important to the community. They provide in-depth reporting, investigative journalism, and human interest stories that connect with viewers. The station also offers live coverage of breaking news and weather events to keep viewers informed.

In addition to its news coverage, KBTX-TV engages with the community through various initiatives and partnerships. The station supports local events, charities, and organizations, aiming to make a positive impact on the community it serves.

KBTX-TV provides digital platforms, including a website and social media channels, to supplement its on-air content. These platforms offer additional news stories, video clips, and interactive features that allow viewers to engage with the station and stay connected.

Overall, KBTX-TV plays a crucial role in delivering news, information, and entertainment to the residents of the Brazos Valley, keeping them informed about local and national events and providing a platform for community engagement.

List of KBTX Tv CBS 3 Reporters and Anchors

  1. Katie Aupperle
  2. Conner Beene
  3. Caleb Britt
  4. Megan Calongne
  5. Karla Castillo
  6. Adrienne DeMoss
  7. Justin Dorsey
  8. Alex Egan
  9. Heather Falls
  10. Crystal Galny
  11. Ferrill Gibbs
  12. Josh Gorbutt
  13. Katherine Griffith
  14. Tyler Hoskins
  15. Amy Licerio
  16. Hope Merritt
  17. Abigail Metsch
  18. Julia Potts
  19. Morgan Riddell
  20. Brenda Sims
  21. Rusty Surette
  22. Donnie Tuggle
  23. Warren Vause
  24. An’Jonae Woodson
  25. Max Crawford
  26. Drew Davis
  27. Kayleigh Thomas
  28. Shel Winkley
  29. Darryl V Bruffett
  30. Nicole Griffith
  31. Tyler Shaw
  32. Morgan Weaver
  33. Jamie Bittner
  34. Brendan Cullerton
  35. Molly Martinez
  36. Josh Rultenberg
  37. Jon Decker
  38. Annie Andersen
  39. Stetson Miller
  40. Lee Zurik
  41. Jamie Grey
  42. Greg Phillips
  43. Rachel DePompa
  44. Joce Sterman
  45. Caresse Jackman
  46. John Decker
  47. Jill Riepenhoff
  48. Emily Featherston
  49. Owen Hornstein
  50. Scotty Smith
  51. Daniela Molina
  52. Daniel Heffner


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