Alma vision TV

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Alma Vision is an American television broadcasting network and which is a Christian programming in Spanish with affiliates across North and Central America.

Alma vision TV

The network is carried via satellite on Echostar and SatMex 5, their slogan is “Television Cristiana…a la manera de Dios. ” (“Christian television… in God’s way.”) and “Comprometidos con la verdad” (“committed to the truth”).

The network was founded by Juan “Bruno” Caamano. According to Caamano, “I was praying and meditating on the Word of God when I received an instruction from the Lord to establish a television ministry”.

Alma vision Story

Almavision Television began broadcasting on December 28, 2002 as VidaVision on channel 25 in Los Angeles, California. In early 2003, they learned that there was another group in Florida using that name so they changed their name to Almavision (meaning “Soul Vision”).

Alma vision Talent and Shows

Almavision is currently the largest Christian Television and radio coverage in South Florida. The president of Almavision Miami is the Pastor Daniel Caamaño. They have different shows like Buenos Dias Miami “Good Morning Miami” hosted by Claudia Pinzon writer of the book one day at a time, David Gonzalez who was the programmer of The satellite station “Voz Cristiana” and “Paraiso 88.3”.

In the evening Mirka Dellanos host Una Vida Mejor “A better Life” Longtime host of Primer Impacto in Univision the premier media company serving the U.S. and Tony Garcia who is the Musical Programmer actually the promotion voice over announcer for Univision.

Alma vision Affiliates Include

•KTAV-LD 35.1 Altadena/Los Angeles, California (West Coast flagship station)
•W25DW-D 25.6 Arbury Hills, Illinois
•KHPK-LD 28.3 DeSoto, Texas
•KJJM-LD 34.3 Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
•KUVM-LD 10.3 Missouri City/Houston, Texas
•KKPM-CD 28.10 Chico/Sacramento, California
•KTVP-LD 22.5 Phoenix, Arizona
•WEYS-LP 6/WEYS-LD 54.1 Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida (East Coast flagship station)
•KISA-LD 40.3 San Antonio, Texas
•KEGS-LD 30.2 Las Vegas, Nevada
•KTVS-LD 36.2 Albuquerque, New Mexico
•KWYT-LP 39.5 Yakima, Washington

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